Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

We provide a complete range of hardware and software for Radio-frequency identification (RFID) based on Industrial IoT. The products range can fulfil all the requirements in below sectors:

- Warehouse Management System
In the warehousing industry, anything that facilitates the organization and management of your inventory is a huge advantage. RFID technology able to decrease human error and streamline warehouse operations. Any shipment arrives. An RFID tag is attached to the items in that shipment – either to individual boxes or an entire pallet. Each tag features an internal memory to store the item’s information, which can be modified as it moves through different processes in the warehouse. Using an electromagnetic signal, the RFID tag transmits that information to a central database.

- Automated and real-time asset tracking in Industry
The safety and traceability of product is an increasingly relevant topic for production, manufacturing plant. In Industrial process plants, RFID systems allow the collection of product-related datalike weight, size, or upstream supplier at every processing point. Based on that product is diverted to the location for machining activities.

- Security Parking management System
With RFID tag installed on the car, only authenticated tags are read at the parking lot entrance. FID tag reader recognizes the tag and Carpark barrier will lit up for access upon valid recognition, if not access will be denied.

- Improved Garment Handling
Frequently, garments are stored and transported on clothes hangers. Irrespective of the size of an order, order line items must be handled automatically so that a single physical shipment is quickly collected. Expensive shipping errors can be avoided with RFID.

- Logistics & Transportation
Real-time visibility of goods improves the efficiency of the whole supply-chain. Regardless the industry, tagging every box, pallet or shipping crate with an RFID label enables manifold opportunities as well as during transportation. Detailed RFID tracking and transparency can help save valuable time and costs.





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Sample project
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