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The Trusted Partner for Wireless Broadband
With technological innovations that go beyond the limits of wireless connectivity, RADWIN is regarded by Tier-1 carriers as the trusted partner for wireless broadband. RADWIN’s solutions power applications including enterprise and residential broadband access, backhaul, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as delivering broadband for trains and metros.

Carrier-Class Broadband Experience
Unrivaled speed and reliability make RADWIN the go-to partner for fiber-like quality. RADWIN ensures service providers a carrier-class broadband experience, built to support real-time bandwidth-hungry services integral to our everyday lives, while staying one step ahead of the digital game.

Radwin products can be used in the following sectors-





Sample projectSample projectSample projectSample project

Other sectors where Air Quality Solution can be used are -

- Smart Cities
- Electric Cooperative Broadband
- Intelligent Forestry


RADWIN TerraWIN™ is a 60GHz, self-organizing, multi-node wireless mesh solution that delivers 5G speeds to homes and businesses for a fraction of the cost of fiber.

Leveraging upon RADWIN radio technology, 2D beamforming, Facebook’s terragraph and 802.11ay standard, TerraWIN ensures resilient, ultra-high network speeds, resiliency, and service availability.

TerraWIN’s unique and modular architecture makes it the perfect choice for a wide array of deployment scenarios, assuring highest network throughput while optimizing TCO.

DN – Distribution Node

CN – Client Node

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- Up to 3.6Gbps agg. per user, up to 14.4Gbps agg. per site
- 57-66GHz
- Integrated beamforming antenna, 90° coverage,
- Auto alignment & self-healing
- Frequency Reuse 1
- Built in GPS for TDD sync
- Up to 15 connections per node
- OSS & WINTouch mobile app support
- IP-67

- Up to 3.6Gbps agg. per user
- 57-66GHz
- Integrated beamforming antenna, 90° coverage,
- Auto alignment
- OSS & WINTouch mobile app support
- IP-67


Dual-carrier self-contained base station series, supporting up to 4 sectors for MicroPoP and long-range network deployments.
•  Up to 360˚coverage   •  High quality for constrained budgets  •  Reduced site complexity

MultiSector Connectorized for long range deployments

MultiSector Integrated for MicroPoP applications

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FiberinMotion® delivers wireless broadband with unmatched throughput and wide area coverage for trains, vehicles and vessels in motion while ensuring service continuity at high speeds and in challenging environments.

Transportation Base Station (TBS)

Transportation Mobile Unit (TMU)

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- 750Mbps
- 5 km range
- 4.9-6.0GHz
- MIMO 3x3
- 350KMH/220MPH
- Railway Certified
- IP67

- 750Mbps
- 4.9-6.0GHz
- MIMO 3x3
- 350km/h | 220mph
- Seamless Handover
- Railway Certified
- IP67


RADWIN TerraBridge provides continuous high-speed connectivity between train carriages to warrant end-to-end gigabit networks across any train and efficiently offload onboard recorded information when they arrive to the station or depot.

Wireless Inter-carriage connectivity

Wireless Station or Depot Offload Connectivity

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Radwin NEO

NEO Series is comprised of single and dual carrier PtMP base stations with advanced bi-directional beamforming technology at a bargain price!

NEO delivers reliable, high-capacity connectivity that exceeds WFH service requirements, outperforming any Access Point with a horn or uplink-only beamforming antenna.



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NEW, low priced 750Mbps beamforming base station with best-in-class interference
immunity for wide coverage and reliable wireless connectivity

NEW, low priced 1.5Gbps dual-carrier beamforming base station with PrimeCarrier capabilities, assuring best-in-class interference immunity for widecoverage and reliable wireless connectivity.

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